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Frequently Asked Questions

We are no longer accepting new subscriptions to the Membership Q&A service previously offered by French Admin Solutions.
Please take a look at our 1-1 services to see how we can help with your transition to a successful administrative life in France.

What do I get for my 99€ subscription fee?

Your annual subscription allows you to ask an unlimited number of questions on French admin problems which are troubling your peace of mind.

You also have unlimited access to the online Resources - links to important sites and direct downloads of many of the forms needed for life in France to run smoothly.

Do I have to use PayPal to pay for my subscription?

Yes, at the moment that is our only payment option. PayPal is secure, and you can make a card payment via their website without having to open an account or become a PayPal member.

Can I get an invoice for my subscription fee?

Of course. When you are logged in to your account you can choose to view your purchase history and download an invoice in PDF format.

Will my annual subscription be automatically renewed?

No. We will no longer be offering the membership service from 2019 onward. We are still available to assist via our Services page.

Why does 1€ of my subscription go to brain tumour research in France?

This is a cause close to my heart. is based in France, and donations via your subscriptions are made annually to the French charity ARTC.

How long does it take you to answer my questions?

I endeavour to answer all questions within two working days. Should your question require additional research you will be informed of this unexpected delay.

Can I respond to questions in the Q&A?

No. This is not a discussion forum, whereby anyone can express their opinion. I will not be expressing my opinion on your situation, but suggesting the procedure in order to achieve the desired solution to your problem.

Can I add my question to an existing thread on a similar theme in the Q&A?

No. Please ask your question independently, so my response is tailored to fit your circumstances.

Can you give me legal advice?

No. I am not a lawyer or a jurist.
If you live on the Cote d'Azur, by all means ask your question and I may be able to refer you to an English speaking legal professional practising locally within the required sector of the law. I will not undertake to answer your question myself under any circumstances.

Can you help with applications for visas and work permits?

No, this is a specialist field not within my area of expertise.

Can you help with applications for carte de séjours and French nationality applications

Yes! If you are resident in France then I can assist with your applications for residency permits and French nationality.

Can I ask that my question remains private and not appear on the forum?

Yes. When you ask your question, make sure you check the 'Keep Private' box before hitting send. If you do not do this your question will appear on Q&A as a new question. If you omitted to do this, or decide later you want the question to be private, please send an email to and we will remove your thread from Q&A as soon as possible.

Why do you always ask me to tell you if an answer I read was useful?

In your account section you can look at the questions you have asked, and also a list of Q&A which you found useful in the past, which can only be drawn up if you signal your interest. It is a useful way of bookmarking information for use on a subsequent occasion, as well as feedback to ensure our service to you remains top class.

What is a pre-prepared letter and what does it cost?

You might need to cancel an insurance policy, resign from your job or contest a speeding fine - in French. Some of these require very specific statements in order to achieve your purpose. You can find the most often needed model letters on the Resources tab, and they are priced at 10€ each.