micro-entreprise-modification-to-entreprise-individuelle| French Admin Solutions
Hi, I am getting in touch regarding adding an additional activity to my micro-entreprise.

On top of my consulting activity I am planning to start selling my handmade soaps next year. I think I won’t actually start selling before June 2017 but I realise that for some suppliers (to get wholesale prices) I need a registered company before that already.

- Is this an artisanal or a commercial activity?
- Can you please let me know where I need to add this activity?
- Anything else I need to do or that changes regarding social charges etc?
- Also, I think it would make sense to change to the “regime simplifie” so I can include my expenses in the chiffres d’affaire. Where would I have to do that?
- For the first months, could I report a negative income if I only have expenses and no income?

Thanks for you advise!
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