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Hi Jo-Ann

I am aware it is the time for tax returns. We have not yet had any forms to complete. It it our first return. I have therefore been doing some research and aside from the complexities of which boxes to complete on which forms!, I have some basic questions that that I cant seem to get clarity on. We bought our house in July and moved to France permanently from the 1st September 2016 after finishing work in the UK formally in August. My elderly mother moved here to live with us in October 2016.

1. Do we need to complete a return at all, as we have not been resident in France for six months before the end of the tax year on 31.12.16.?
2.. Assuming we have to, I understand its only our income from 1st September 16 to 31st December 2016 that we would include.?
3. Would my mother be included on our return as part of the 'taxable household' or would she have to complete her own form 2042 etc.

Many thanks for your help as always.
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