Brexit alternative solution to French nationality| French Admin Solutions
Hi Jo-Ann. Husband and I came here to France late last year, bought house in September and started living here officially in January this year. We are on our way to get carte vitales etc. (he is reg AE and with RSI, I am just half way through with CPAM) We both have Australian and English passports, so are living here thanks to the UK ones. But if Brexit happens in the near future, and takes roughly two years to complete, we will not have the required five years of residency to apply for French nationality. Is there another way we can stay a bit longer (I need to be back in Aus approx 2023 so don't need it forever) maybe on our Aussie passports if we can get some longer visa? We don't want to be in the situation that we have to leave and haven't sold our home here. I know things change, especially now in this period of uncertainty, but is there anything we can do to help our case now? Thanks.
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