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Hi Jo-Ann,

I'm still not sure if my visits to the Bureau dImpots to review my property taxes and to change my address to my new home here in Ireland on 19th October has made any difference! I had managed to pay the 3 Taxes Foncieres online as the deadline had passed by 2 days and they were going to add a late payment fine of 10%! My other reason for the visit to their office was to submit two letters declaring two of the buildings as unoccupied (vide et immueble) from 1st January 2016 to be exempted from the 2 impending Taxes dHabitation. However, I've not yet received the bill for the Taxe dHabitation for my occupied holiday home to my Irish address. We arrived back home from France on 2nd November expecting the bill to greet us but alas! nothing - and none since either. I've tried to access online to pay but and entered my Numéro Fiscal but the next step was to enter my Référence de l-avis but this number changes each year and is only available to me on the paper notice.
Can you tell me please:
a)when is the bill for the Taxe dHabitation issued and the deadline for payment? Also,
b)how can I get the Référence de l-avis number so that I can pay this and get it out of my (thinning) hair :-(

Best regards,

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