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Hi I am self employed in France and have been paying social contributions for about 10 months now. I am also paying the top up Mutuelle. Originally when signed up for everything I sent off birth certificate and work documents etc and I assumed it had all been processed as I had heard nothing for 9 months. I then tried to log on to my mutuelle sight as I needed to make a claim I requested a log in detail and they then sent me back the Birth certificate stating it didn't have a stamp on it. They accepted the translation but require some sort of stamped copy of the original. I have had a look into this and it's saying that I need to request it from the office where my birth was originally registered. This is proving to be difficult as although I am a british citizen I was not born in the UK and I can't seem to request this copy from the office where my birth was registered in. I have since been back to the UK and collected my original birth certificate and was wondering if it was possible to get a notary to authenticate a copy that would be accepted by the mutuelle and how I might go about doing this?

Any help greatly appreciated

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