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Nicky and Jim, Jul 2017
“Jim and I moved to France a year ago. We are Enjoying life immensely
Jo-Ann's help has been invaluable to us. French admin solutions has taken all the stress away from navigating our new life. We hope to be able to stand on our two feet a little more soon but it is wonderful to know Jo-Ann is always there when we need her

Nicky and Jim”
Jacqui W, May 2017
“A huge thank you to Jo-Ann for all her hard work and for reducing the stress in my life!!!”
Karen R, May 2017
“French Tax Declaration done, thank you again Jo-Ann Howell 😇”
Nicky H, Apr 2017
“I thoroughly recommend Jo-Ann Howell. She registered my partner and I as micro- entrepreneurs. Her service was fast, friendly and professional. We could not have managed without her. ”
Mary M-B, Mar 2017
“French Admin Solutions have taken all the worry out of administration in France for me - from setting up my new business, to my online financial accounts, choosing a bank. Jo-Ann can tackle all these things much faster and more efficiently that I could ever do and I have peace of mind that she understands the French systems inside out.”
Debs P, Jan 2017
“I was extremely happy with the work Jo-Ann provided, and will continue to use her services without hesitation.”
Sarah T, Jan 2017
“Jo-Ann was timely, professional and very helpful. I would highly recommend her services.”
Michelle H, Dec 2016
“When my mother died, she still had a bank account in France. Jo-Ann helped me navigate the bureaucracy of the French taxing authority and of the bank. It was a long and complicated process that would have been enormously frustrating without her help. I highly recommend Jo-Ann. She is professional, prompt and thorough. ”
Rich L, Dec 2016
“Fast and high quality translations. Thanks”
Mike J, Nov 2016
“Highly recommended; Considering the impending Brexit, people like Jo-Ann will be even more valuable to expats looking for help to understand their situation.”
Clare S, Nov 2016
“Excellent communication skills, efficient service, and good rates. The translation was exactly what was required, and I have no hesitation in recommending Jo-Ann, we will be using her for future work when required.”
Le Mot Juste, Nov 2016
“Great quality work delivered on time with a highly professional attitude. A 100% positive experience.”
Kelly K, Nov 2016
“Would highly recommend and I already have!”
Paul & Laura B, Nov 2016
“Wonderful service. Jo-Ann was professional and efficient. We would not hesitate to use her again and recommend her to others.”
Louise E, Nov 2016
“Great help to me when I was setting up my Business in France. She guided me through the online registration process and gave me help with the papers I needed to send off. She also has a great blog which gives information on how to do taxes etc which is a big help!Would definitely recommend!”
Greg H, Nov 2016
“Outstanding service in every respect, Jo-Ann is fast and incredibly talented, a pleasure to do business with. Sincerely Greg H”
Greg H, Sep 2016
“Thanks so much Jo-Ann. Brilliant work, you make things so easy to understand.”
Helen W, Sep 2016
“Receiving an unexpected official letter is often cause for stress, even if you're comfortable with the French language. Fortunately Jo-Ann Howell does much more than simply translate between English and French. After talking me down from my mild state of panic Jo-Ann solved one my paperwork dilemmas in a couple of easy clicks and then proceeded to give me practical, actionable guidance which enabled me to see my options clearly and have the confidence to deal with the other issues myself. Absolutely invaluable support based on solid knowledge of the hard facts, first-hand experience and a genuine desire to help you get the best out of your current situation.”
Nita S, Sep 2016
“French Admin Solutions translated an official certificate (urgently required) for me from English to French. Jo-Ann Howell was professional to deal with and returned the fully translated document to me within the hour. Exceptional service that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.”
Candice M, Aug 2016
“Jo-Ann Howell has has offered friendly and professional service to both my husband and I. I can't recommend her enough. Having that person who could help us with all the scary paperwork for business start-up and administration when we arrived in France, took such a weight off of our shoulders and made the experience a lot less chaotic. She has a ton of experience, insight and advice, and is well worth getting in touch with.”
Jo A, Jul 2016
“A big thank you to Jo-Ann for all her help and guidance with various declarations and french paperwork. She was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and very prompt to answer our questions. We would highly recommend Jo-Ann!”
Deborah P, May 2016
“As well as using Jo-Ann for my translations, I am a member of her site, where I am able to ask all the questions I have regarding the French system, ( there are lots !) safe in the knowledge I will receive an accurate, up to date answer.”
Sam K, May 2016
“Despite having already set up a French company in the past, when I came to do so again I didn't have the time or patience to go through the administrative side of incorporation. So I contacted Jo-Ann at French Admin Solutions.

Jo-Ann is extremely knowledgeable, efficient and a great communicator. She basically set up my entire company structure extremely quickly and for a very reasonable price including:

Writing Statuts
Filling out the relevant governmental forms
Suggesting where to advertise the company creation (a legal requirement)
Admin around the ACCRE (exoneration from some French charges for 12 months)
And all other administrative parts of setting up a business in France.

All I had to do was print out and sign the relevant forms, and drop them in at the Chamber of Commerce (for which Jo-Ann also gave me the address).

The dossier was accepted 4 days after I submitted it and I was able to start invoicing clients, the process should normally take a couple of weeks.

All in all a fantastic experience, open and honest communication at all stages and I would heartily recommend it to anyone thinking about opening a business in France.”
Mr TT Jones, Apr 2016
Helen B, Apr 2016
“I recently set myself up as an auto-entrepreneur and found the information packs that were provided by Jo-Ann at French Admin Solutions a life-saver. Both this and being able to ask her specific questions really made it possible to navigate this potential minefield. I highly recommend anyone undertaking a new business in France to contact Jo-Ann.”
Clare S, Mar 2016
“Starting a business is a really busy time, the last thing I wanted to have to do was stop and translate everything to find the one little sentence that needed answering out of 7 pages of text. Having Jo-Ann to go to for prompt answers released time to grow my business, which is the most important thing to me.
French paperwork is long and endless, time I can better spend on my customers. Now I do occasionally attempt to tackle the post, but really it’s more efficient and productive to pass it to Jo-Ann and get on with the day job. Well done, and keep up the good work. Saved me hours of time and probably tears and tantrums.”
Gillian H, Mar 2016
“Was very impressed with the efficient, well-informed and friendly service provided by Jo-Ann. Would definitely recommend! *****”
Karen L, Mar 2016
“Thank you Jo-Ann for your help and expert knowledge with submitting my import sur le revenu declaration last year, I received a substantial rebate”
Andrew C., Feb 2016
“5* service! So far I have used my site membership to read answers to other users questions, which in itself has proved excellent value.
However, when I bought a 10€ 'model letter' that saved me over 680€ in syndic fees I knew I was in the right place for help with my French admin.
Thank you Jo-Ann”
Emma G, Dec 2015
“FrenchAdminSolutions varies greatly from the various free forums that are out there, where many have advised me in the past, but all give different answers according to their own experience.
Here I receive specific and accurate answers to my questions, and solutions to implement, so thank you for your great service, which consistently saves me time! ”
Kathy W, Mar 2015
“I would highly recommend Jo-Ann Howell to anyone needing help with French Adminstration, translations and how the French system works.
I was given Jo-Ann’s contact through a colleague since I was looking for an accountant. I sent Jo-Ann an email asking her a simple question about a document. After 15 minutes I received an email with in depth information… she gave me more information than I had ever got from anyone….(other French & English speaking accountants , even my lawyer…) since I have been in Cote d’Azur (1 year 7 months).
She is a real professional, a puriest to detail and will make all that red tape etc. which seemed so complicated seem straight forward.
She really knows her business and is a lovely person.
Thanks so much Jo-Ann”
Jo L, Nov 2014
“A big thank you for all your help you were/are a great help and I can't tell how much of a relief it is to now understand that my tax bill is not quite as scary.”
Greg H, Oct 2014
“You are brilliant!! So happy to have found you!”
Tim S, Oct 2014
“Upon creating my business Jo-Ann saved me hundreds of euros - potentially a lot more - in just a few steps which I would have never found out about. Being perfectly bi-lingual Jo-Ann's services are invaluable for anyone living on, or with any interests on the Cote d'Azur.”
Helen C-Mc, May 2014
“Thoroughly recommend this lady .. A complete saviour to a busy person !!!”
Philly W, May 2014
“Jo-Ann has helped me in the past with French admin things and I cannot recommend her enough. 5 *****”